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A Brief Introduction Regarding Porcelain Tiles In comparison to ceramic, porcelain tiles are actually denser and has harder surfaces; what’s more they are stain resistant, damage resistant and wear resistant. Due to that, for the wet and high foot traffic areas of the building or home, this oftentimes have become a great option. Mainly because it is stain, damage and water resistant, it is more ideal for the light or heavy traffic areas of a residential home, industrial applications or high traffic commercial applications. Porcelain tiles in addition are so durable and are capable of wearing tough stains as well as frost resistant. Despite the fact that there are less availability of colors and is often expensive, there are still countless of new home and commercial decorators who make use of it to design both the exterior and interior area of the property. It’s the combination of porcelain cay, ferrous minerals, sand powder and quartz. You can purify and refine them in order to differentiate it from the non porcelain types. Because of that, its durability, strength and even toughness is higher than the other kinds of stones available in the market.
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Actually, porcelain tiles are kiln baked and then dried at high temperature whether you believe it or not; however ceramic tiles have less dense surfaces and more pores than the non porcelain types. The time required to manufacture porcelain is much longer and as a result, the manufacturing difference made porcelain tiles to be better than others. This is why there are some tiles that are softer, more prone to discoloration, higher water absorbent qualities and so on.
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Absorbing less water normally 5 percent or even less than that is what made the composition of these tiles. This makes it an excellent option for the wet areas. In addition to that, this kind of tile has high rating, meaning it’s the best tile option that could be exposed even to harsh weather. This is the most preferred option for moisture ridden and more potential water places similar to kitchen, exterior areas, basement, swimming pool, garage and bathroom because of the fact that they have superb water withholding capacity. A rating of .5 percent for these sorts of tiles is issued by the PEI or Porcelain Enamel Institute. This lets the customers to come up with a decision that this tiling option is suitable for all types of applications. Non ceramic tiles have lower PEI rating and this one is preferred for wall and floor applications. Though the prices for such material have come down during the last several years, there are less selections for patterns and colors and also, this type of tile is harder to cut.