I Hate My Teaching Job. I Want To Quit Now!

Some of you might be wondering why, as a teacher, I devote so significantly time questioning the orthodoxy surrounding charters schools. ESL teachers are likely to locate far better employment options—and therefore higher salary opportunities—in cities than in suburban locations. Nassau-Suffolk, New York: The typical salary for an ESL teacher in the Nassau-Suffolk area, as of 2012, was $82,240, with the best ten percent earning as significantly as $119,940. Lawrence-Methuen-Salem, Massachusetts: The average salary for ESLs in this region of Massachusetts topped $77,540 in 2012.

Santa Ana-Anaheim-Irvine, California: ESL teachers had typical salaries that topped $105,850 in 2012. Modesto, California: ESL teachers in California, as of 2012, earned an typical salary of $73,210, with top salaries coming in at $92,410. Equivalent to other teachers, ESL teachers can count on to earn a larger salary as their encounter and education boost. I interviewed a National Board Certified teacher who also won Teacher of the Year named Karina Colon.

Though an ESL teacher salary depends on the school district’s spend schedule and their present hiring wants, typical salaries for ESL teachers are usually indicative of degree and encounter earned. As the founder of the Teacher Salary Project, a nonpartisan organization devoted to elevating teachers’ spend, I’ve heard countless stories of professionals who have awards and recognition for their function, but who feel forced for economic causes to rethink their career.

For instance, teachers in the Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) School District, at the entry level, earn a minimum salary of $45,360 if they possess a bachelor’s degree $46,694 if they possess a master’s degree and $49,615 if they possess a master’s degree plus at least 30 additional credits or a doctorate degree. There’s another way: Imagine a globe in which teacher salaries are doubled—yes, doubled.

Likewise, teachers in the Fairfax County (Virginia) School District who possess a bachelor’s degree and 1 year of expertise earn a minimum salary of $46,516 teachers with 5 years of expertise earn a minimum salary of $49,022 and teachers with ten years of expertise earn a minimum salary of $54,215. My friend Erik Benner, a Texas high history teacher by day, works nights and weekends hauling flooring supplies at a warehouse with a forklift. Examples of such monetary pressure and strain can be found in every single state in the nation quality teachers are walking away from the profession, and salaries are part of the purpose they leave.