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On November 4, 2008 at 11:00 pm Eastern Barack Obama was the projected winner! The proposal reiterates numerous of the messages that have come out of the White Property in recent months—some of which, as Education Week’s Alyson Klein pointed out back in February, are all but contradictory provided how integral standardized tests have been to practically each main Obama K-12 initiative.” What is rather newsworthy about Saturday’s announcement is that it marks what might be the administration’s 1st explicit, public acknowledgment of its part in the overtesting.

Obama described the proposal using quite imprecise terminology, the sort of rhetoric his administration, such as outgoing Education Secretary Arne Duncan, has been making use of for months: Students should only take tests that are worth taking,” Obama mentioned, although tests need to only be administered insomuch as they improve teaching and learning” and ought to account for just one particular among a lot of sources of info about student achievement.

To underscore the significance of the Testing Action Plan, Obama issued a video message on Facebook In it, he presented a pop quiz” to parents: Would they rather their kids devote a lot more time in college A) studying to play a musical instrument, B) learning a foreign language, C) understanding how to code HTML, or D) taking standardized tests.

Beneath Race To The Prime federal education funds have been awarded to states and college districts not on the basis of student require, but based upon how numerous standardized tests have been provided, how swiftly they could tie teachers’ salaries and jobs to test scores, how numerous failing” schools had been identified, closed and re-opened as charters.

Just as federal agencies supposedly regulating airlines, drugs and meals are staffed by reps from airlines, from Big Pharma, Monsanto and Massive Ag, thousands of staffers at federal and state education departments are now the corporate consultants who wrote the regulations, Teach For America alums, or honchos in the charter school industry and its galaxy of shady partners and contractors This is the crack in the woodwork from which John King, the new Secretary of Education emerges.