How Credible Is Education Week?

Considering that 1995, National Health Education Week (NHEW) has been celebrated in the course of the third complete week of October. Notice the thousands of IT jobs listed on job sites like Monster and Ive sent hundreds of resumes to these employers with no replies. I believe they are listed to fool us into believing these jobs exist and invest tons of income into college degrees. I was on the verge of attending a California state university soon after I completed my 2 yrs general education units from a JC in the SF bay region. I am so disappointed in this school, and I believed I was obtaining a good education when I enrolled.

Following thinking about all of this I uncover it in my best interest to spend out of pocket for a class or two a semester to get my GPA back up and resume my education on a Pell Grant till I get my associates degree and can transfer to a 4 year finding out institution to finish up my bachelors degree. Then I acquire a letter from Wells Fargo, saying that they have sold my loan to the Division Of Education. I dropped my class of Race and Ethnicity due to my instructor neglected to grade my paper or even appear at it. She graded the paper 100% as I verify my percentage for the week I was at 46%.

I decided to withdraw and enroll into a local college to find out that my credits are earned are not even worth the paper they are written on. so no i am going further in debt to further my education. The state of Texas has a distance education internet site that let’s you select an region of study and the degree you are seeking for and it will give you a list of Texas colleges that offer you a plan totally on the web. I have fed grants, Pell grants, and also sub and unsub loans from outdoors education loans from wells fargo and chase.

The good quality of education at the community college was waaayyyy greater than UoP, only $50 per credit, and my credits are transferable to any Texas university. I could only attend for three week because my son became ill and was in the hospital. Wrong answer now as the economy has turned the jobs are scarsed and obtaining worse i feel i have been cheated out of anything excellent as effectively and paying back alot income i dont have. In an typical week about 1-2% of public discussion board queries use citations or references.

P.S: I was find out absolutely nothing from this school, what i was undertaking in this college was attend on the web 1 or two hours every single day from Mon-Sat and talk all B.S to what ever subjects as teacher and students posted, beside practically nothing relate to my major. That infamous education students are supposed to be receiving is lost in a whirlwind of burden and racing thoughts.