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There are many who claim that segregation was place to rest with the enactment of the Civil Rights Bill of 1964. Moreover, NSFAS’ failure to centralise applications and administration of the fund in order to avoid inconsistent selection and loan allocations criteria by institutions of higher understanding. Minister Blade Nzimande and his department have by no means asked for additional income to finance free of charge higher education, except for the regular inflationary adjustments.

In the 53rd National Conference of the ANC, a resolution was taken that the policy for totally free higher education to all undergraduate level students will be finalised for adoption just before the end of 2013”. This was soon after noting that University education is expensive and academically capable students from poor households should not be anticipated to spend up-front charges in order to access larger education”. Info presented compellingly is enjoyable, but it is not the same as obtaining a higher education.

This trend reflects in all institutions of larger studying, and Blade Nzimande’s leadership on this crisis is introduction of two new Universities in Mpumalanga and Northern Cape, which can only take up to 10 000 students in 10 years’ time, while only accepting much less than 3000 students combined. Education is a public great, element of the commons, not a company, nor a job-instruction factory.

As a matter of reality, the cost to run all institutions of greater finding out in a way which will give totally free education is significantly less than R50 billion, and through suitable prioritisation, the existing budget of the State can afford R50 billion for higher education. If government’s political will has directed it towards the Nuclear Construct programme, which will possibly be completed when they are all no longer in government and at double or triple R1 trillion bill, the same will can be directed to provision of free of charge top quality education for all.

There must in no way be an assumption that provision of free top quality education for all will take place at the expense of any other expenditure item, since education for any nation and nation is a huge investment. Investing in education might lead to the development of revolutionary, productive and entrepreneurial population whose efforts and contribution will far outweigh the R50 billion initially invested. Another cause to assistance K-12 education is because the graduates of this system will be much more ready to enter the labor force.