Find A Company To Meet All Of Your Custom Steel Fabrication Needs

Metal fabrication is a very general term, which refers to any procedure that molds, shapes or cuts metal into a final product. Some common metal fabrication products include metal bars, metal rods and sheet metal. However, many other products can be made using the fabrication process. Different metals and plastics can be fabricated into numerous products. Most custom fabricated products go through a design period, then a building period and finally a finishing and assembly phase.

It takes work and time to design a unique product that is strong and durable. When designing a new product, the first step it goes through is conceptualization. During this step, it is determined what a product should look like, how it should function and what features are the most important. Next, the product goes through computer-aided design. This allows metal fabrication manufactures to test out the strengths and weaknesses of a new product before they make it.

Once a design is completed, the manufacturing phase can begin. There are many methods that can be used for metal fabrication. The method that is used is generally based on what the item is that is being products. Some common methods include forging, welding and casting. Forging is when force is applied to change the shape of a metal. Welding is when two or more pieces of metal are joined using a torch. Casting is when metal is first melted then poured into a mold to cool and harden. More than one method can be used during the custom steel fabrication process.

Some products require finishing and assembly services. That is when the product being created requires more than one part. The parts have to be molded onto one another using a manufacturing method such as bonding, riveting or sawing. Sometimes paint or different coatings need to be added to the product. Once the finishing and assembly service is completed, a new product is produced.

Metal fabrication is a completed process. First a product has to go through a conceptualization and computer design phase. Then it has to be manufactures, finished and assembled. Once all of these processes have been completed, the final product is produced.