Educational Studies

Our most common newsletter, Daily Policy Digest summarizes the most topical public policy issues from today’s newspapers, scholarly journals and consider tanks. The Educator Roundtable is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Oakland Education Association. The OEA’s principled stand against NCLB might be the beginning of a grassroots movement inside the California Teachers Association (CTA), the California affiliate of the nation’s biggest union, the National Education Association (NEA). Critics also say DIBELS is getting utilized as a curriculum guide in numerous classrooms where teachers, whose jobs could depend on student test scores, are eager to increase their charges’ DIBELS scores.

Not to be concerned although about the poor teachers, administrators, students and parents across the country who find themselves in an ever-tightening noose of measuring each child every year in this one particular-size-fits all anti-intellectual drive to compete for jobs that do not exist. Rosalind Kurita would require the Tennessee Department of Education to develop a separate civics course in at least one grade between fifth and eighth grade.

A couple of businesses produce, print and score most of the tests in the United States, and they’re struggling with a workload that has exploded since President Bush signed the education reform package in 2002. Remember, the very same individuals who now mandate Testing Uber Alles had been pushing two decades ago to abolish any federal function in education.

Eliot Spitzer of New York has proposed an extended day as one of 5 possibilities for his state’s troubled schools, component of a $7 billion increase in spending on education over the next 4 years — apart from the 37 minutes of additional tutoring that young children in some city schools already get four instances a week. M. Jodi Rell of Connecticut is proposing to lengthen the day at persistently failing schools as element of a push to raise state spending on education by $1 billion. Granite’s resolution in favor of the referendum drive is comparable to one authorized earlier this month by the Jordan Board of Education.

Macpherson and other social studies teachers say they have to shoehorn civics lessons into their standard classes because Tennessee and most other states never require civics to be taught separately. The Tennessee bill stalled in committee last week so a study commission could make ideas, but Kurita remains optimistic about its chances. These, however, are only two of the get wealthy fast schemes set up to drain the Treasury whilst funding education privatization efforts.