Educational Credit Union Robbed At Gunpoint

Topeka police released this surveillance photo of the man who robbed the Educational Credit Union office on S. Topeka Blvd. Unions are for the blue collar guys that did not go to college.I operate 6 to eight months a year make on average 60,000 a year, ive been a member for three way in hell i would make that outdoors a union.there is a lot of fat individuals that seem lazy im not a single of them.u rich folk that do not believe in unions shut 1% want to maintain the rest of us really poor.unions even out the playing field.

I was in a couple of unions in my time , no union guy out there can tell me different that you have union dues , that a particular portion goes to the dems plus ur made to donate a buck or two each and every month for the scum dems , and when u want the union to stick up for u , against one more worker , esp, a inside boy , who`s got his nose up the firms ass will In no way Support U as the neighborhood 68 engineers r !

That tells me the ones defending the Union were lazy from the get go…. I laugh my ass off at all of you attempting to defend the Union, simply because it is quite apparent you aren’t sensible sufficient to know you Do not know….lol PS. I want I could talk to all the Union lovers in 10 years when their pensions are broke and they are searching for one more Union.

I was assaulted by a carpenters union from Los Angeles at my job in Irvine (Orange County Ca.). It was a horrible beating and I thought I was becoming stabbed as they thrust their picket sign handles in to my side and punched and kicked me. As I pulled myself on to the tractor I was operating they pulled me back to the ground, tearing my shoulder out.

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