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Singing Bowls for Relaxing Purposes People use singing bowls for meditation, relaxation, and even for healing. This singing bowls look like ordinary bowls but they function like bells, making a very nice melodious sound when played. Before the singing bowl became common in other cultures, the South Asians thought of it as sacred, therefore, it was played in secret. The singing bowl used to have a mixture of seven metals, but that is hard to find today as most of the singing bowls in stores sell three or five metals. Because the singing bowls generate amazing, unique music, lots of people listen to it when they need to relax. Not only is the singing bowl relaxing because of the music it makes but it also gives a vibrating massage if you place it on your body. The singing bowl is not only used for relaxing but also healing, as people have reported that the singing bowl cured them of their sickness or damaged bodies through the vibrating massage. The singing bowl is really an amazing instrument as even just playing it can make people feel relaxed. Striking the singing bowl with a mallet or rubbing it with a wooden stick are the two ways you can play with the singing bowl. The nice thing about singing bowls is that it can have many different tones, sounds, and music come out from it whether you use the striking of the mallet method or the rubbing of the wooden stick method.
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To be able to fully appreciate the singing bowl massage, make sure you are lying comfortably on your back while the singing bowl sits on your chest. The next step is to strike the mallet in the singing bowl’s rim, and then listen and feel.
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As the bowl continues to ring, you will be able to pick up lower tones and you will even be able to feel the sound waves pass through your body. Concentrate on the combination of lovely music and tangible vibration and you will enter a state of pure relaxation. Singing bowl’s music last for a long time, but the music will start to get slower and softer after being played for a time, if that happens, strike it again so you will be able to clearly hear and feel it. Rubbing the wooden stick will give you completely different music. It sounds more like singing. The best way to be able to lie down and relax while playing the singing bowl with a wooden stick is to gently hold the base of the singing bowl by your fingertips, you will want to keep your hands out of the way when you are rubbing the bowl, and hold the wooden stick firmly in your other hand as it goes around the singing bowl making desirable music. Make sure that the wooden stick is perfectly vertical while rubbing it in the singing bowl.