Determination Becomes Obstinacy At The Department For Education

Religious groups are believed to have established the first special schools in Ireland, in Belfast in 1836 schools were set up for kids who have been deaf or blind. The existing crop of matrics was also closely scrutinized as they have been the initial to have come by means of the whole school program below the recently-introduced Outcomes Based Education (OBE) curriculum. The recent matric outcomes are result in for concern – deep concern and worry, but not, as some have suggested, about the Outcomes Based Education (OBE) curriculum. But it must not be thought that the adverse aspects of Black education in South Africa began with Verwoerd.

South African education is still in the shadow of the pernicious and evil systems of education set up by the Nationalist Party government more than 40 years which led to there getting many diverse Departments of Education, every with its personal Public Service and curriculum. OBE is a new approach to education which replaces the standard teacher-centred, topic-based curriculum with a strategy which basically looks at understanding more than teaching. Some items will have to alter to give all the folks of South Africa access to good quality education.

Expecting beneath-educated, below-resourced teachers to deal with this is really iniquitous, particularly in light of the history of education in this country. So the education technique nonetheless reflects the imbalances developed by 200 years of discrimination, and, more particularly, the 40 years of deliberate and systematic denial of sufficient educational resources and possibilities to Blacks. Leadership, in education as in any other area of human life, demands the taking of unpopular decisions and displaying the folks why these choices are necessary.

The Freedom Charter stated that the doors of finding out and culture shall be opened” and that Education shall be free, compulsory, universal and equal for all kids.” This is nonetheless an best worth pursuing. Inefficiencies in the National Department of Education need to have to be eradicated and Education seen as a national priority.

It reinforces my scepticism about President Zuma’s potential and willingness to effect true change in such a crucial area as education. Of certain concern to me as an educator is the the splitting of the education division as per the ANC’s Polokwane resolution. Education is so vital, so vital to the future of this nation that it requirements specific consideration and focus, particular vision and total commitment to delivery.