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Water Damage Restoration And Other Related Information Whether it is because of a flood, a pipe line that just burst or a fire incident, any kind of property damaged that has emerged due to these events must be addressed immediately to provide a fixed solution to the problem. Whatever kinds of repair solution for water damage you are looking for, a water damage restoration is the one that should be the first on the choice list. After the occurrence of this type of disaster, you can follow a step by step process that will help you repair your property. Case To Case Assessment In any case of water damage to property like floods, before any repairs could be made in your property you must first be able to calculate the total loss in order to make an assessment. This is very helpful since it will allow the technicians to have a structured repair plan since they already know which part of the home needs repair. For the technician to crunch the statistical numbers and determine the total property injury, they need the help of insurance companies. Once the property’s injury and loss assessment have been acquired by the technician, he is now ready to start creating a refurbishing plan for the repairs to start immediately.
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On the assessment day, you can expect that assigning the three categories will be done by the water damage restoration company. The categories will serve as an identification as to which level of disaster handling will be made for your devastated home and vice versa. The three categories are:
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The First Category: The handling of the devastation on the property that is caused by unpolluted water without the presence of any contamination: This category represents water sources that produces clean water like waterline and pipes. When water from the toilet is in question, it could still be reconsidered to be part of this category as long as no found contaminants will be reported. Category No.2 : Any water type that only has a mild presence of contamination like a water from dish washers and other sources that indicates contamination at minimum. Third Category: The cause of the damage is water that have a high level of contaminants like human wastes and manures, or water from seweers and other heavily contaminated sources. Drying Area And Decontamination Place Drying the affected area is started right away by the water damage restoration company after the assignment of categories has been done. To ensure that affected areas of water devastation from sources that belongs to the second and third category will once again be safe and livable, decontamination process is don right after the drying of the affected area. You must also know that not all areas of the house will be decontaminated since the areas that are not affected did not have any contacts with the contaminated water. Small amount of decontamination is done on areas that are not easily reached.