Canada Offers an Incredible Variety of Experiences for Sport Fishermen

With millions of square kilometers of relatively undeveloped, pristine land, much of it overflowing with lakes, ponds, and rivers, Canada is a fisherman’s paradise. Those fishing in Canada seek a wide variety of different species from among a selection befitting the country’s size and climatic variety, including northern pike and trout of various sorts.

The Vicious, Voracious Northern Pike

Some of the consistently largest freshwater fish in the country, northern pike are also favorite targets of fishermen in Canada. These long, slim, apex predators can be found in lakes and large ponds in parts of the country where summertime temperatures stay mild, meaning that they are widespread throughout the northern portions of many of Canada’s provinces.

The fish are most popularly known for inhabiting shallow waters, and this is in fact where many of them are caught. On overly sunny days, they may decline to feed, wallowing instead in shadows under lily pads or other cover, so that many fishermen will seek other opportunities on such days.

When the weather becomes overcast,however, their voracious appetites are awakened. Many fishermen have luck enticing the fish to strike at surface-borne lures such as poppers, but plenty of other baits work as well. The fish are rugged fighters, using their long bodies and innate speed to their advantage once hooked, and catching a large northern pike is often a memorable event for a fisherman.

Wily Trout Challenge Anglers, as Well

While northern pike are known for their brawn and power, Canada also has plenty to offer for fishermen who seek species often singled out for their beauty. Trout of a number of sorts are in great supply in many of Canada’s streams and rivers, and fishermen who prefer to fly fish for such more delicate and subtle creatures often head to the country for this reason.

Rainbow, brook, brown, and other species of trout are all regularly taken from Canadian waters of these sorts, many of them from rivers that feed directly into lakes which are well-known for other types of fishing. These often-finicky fish are known for their abilities at evading the overtures of anglers, so that, many times, picking out exactly the right fly or lure is the key to catching them. Some fishermen in Canada will spend pleasant afternoons pursuing such trout and then head to nearby lakes to go after pike as the sun begins to set.