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Secondary EducationWith years of knowledge in post secondary education administration, I contemplate myself to be an professional on helping student’s graduate from college. If you want to find out a lot more about pursuing a career in secondary education, use our directory of school listings to request details about applications that accept students in your region. Among the causes for the numerous challenges faced by the secondary schools in Africa is due to selfishness and corruption. Inadequate payment of teachers is an additional factor that challenges secondary school education in Africa.

In line with this, all the leaders, both the governors and the presidents of most African countries are creating effort to see that computer systems are installed in numerous secondary schools for acquisition in laptop skills. A single of the challenges facing the finding out of pc in African secondary schools is the non-availability of the instructors that will influence the information of personal computer into the students.

Employing good instructors that will educate African secondary school students is a far better selection to solving the problem of pc ability acquisition. The amount of payment given to any teacher is dependent on the good quality of service that the teacher will deliver. The problems or challenges that the secondary college education in Africa is facing can be solved if only the options to be offered are taken and practiced.Secondary EducationSecondary Education

Management cannot pay $70 to an African teacher as salary for the month when he know that she is supposed to be paid at least $350 and count on good quality service to be offered to the students. Any government that desires the good of the whole education sector of Africa should do properly to fund the sector. In the same way, the resurrection of the standard of African secondary schools should begin from funding by governments in different countries in Africa. In the Secondary Education program, you will major in the subject you intend to teach.

It is the duty of every single government to see to the excellent of the people he is major which includes all the secondary schools. Each government and capable folks need to kind a group to sponsor secondary schools by taking care of the infrastructural aspect. Doing this will enhance and upgrade the secondary schools in Africa and assist students to comprehend far more. When this is done, the students will find education interesting rather than puzzle or challenging process.