Arne Duncan’s Wars

President Obama unveiled the concept in a video posted to Facebook on Thursday night, then pitched it publicly at an event Friday in Knoxville, Tenn. You criticized Obama for the timing of withdrawing troops from Iraq, but failed to mention that George Bush agreed the deadline for the withdrawal of troops ahead of Obama was in workplace. You stated that significantly of Michelle Obama’s commencement speech was about telling black students they will be victims, but if you actually listen to the speech or read the transcript, that’s demonstrably false.

The irony is that a single of your ‘criticisms’ was about Obama preventing law enforcement from getting military equipment, to quit nearby police departments turning into paramilitary organizations. And nope, that doesn’t imply I like almost everything Obama has said and completed, it just implies I like ignorance and lies even much less. As an example, if Obama were a robust leader with foresight, he would have taken action to reverse the arrangement with Iraq created by his predecessor. I’d be satisfied to translate any of that for you if the ‘Ebonics’ you criticized Obama for earlier tends to make it also tough for you to recognize.

So, no matter how any a single tries to slice and dice it and serve it up, Barack Obama is a quite sorry excuse for a president of the USA as well as a Commander-in-Chief of the US Armed Forces. The smartest lady in the globe and yet she was duped, corrupted or bent to common will so that TRILLIONS of dollars and Half a MILLION lives could be sacrificed to the Bush family members thirst for vengeance Possibly it is time to disregard the Constitution and retain Obama as President for a 3rd term or far better however, indefinitely. You might be correct if there have been no other candidates much more qualified than Obama.

Please, stop attempting to defend Obama to me. You aren’t performing anything but wasting your time and keystrokes – due to the fact I despise the man. In reality, because the Obama administration has about a year and a half remaining, and a Hillary Clinton administration just might comply with the a single in location now, I am quite glad that I do not have quite numerous years left in this realm. I will be straight up and get right to the point: I basically do not like Obama and I do not like his style.

So far all you have said is: ISIS is entirely Obama’s fault Obama should be carrying out anything in the Ukraine (but who knows what) Michelle Obama told some graduates not to let the challenges they face hold them down Obama is stopping the nation from becoming a police state Obama walks funny Obama talks funny. And the principal cause why that is the case, Barack Obama comes nowhere close to getting a sturdy national leader like Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon had been.