Accredited Assessors For Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) FSW Canada 2014

World Education Services (WES) in Canada and the USA frequently call for men and women presenting QQI / HETAC / FETAC awards to get verification from QQI of the authenticity of their qualifications. Speak to Us: We are conducting interviews all this week, and will be holding our new group training on Thursday. If you really feel you are a great candidate, please make contact with Myriam at (949)394-5668 PLEASE BE Positive TO E mail A RESUME Very first TO [email protected] When walking to my automobile a guy who told me he owned another suite asked if I necessary aid obtaining something and when I told him of the name of the company he stated he had never ever heard of it. Folks should be really cautious with jobs posted on craigslist. I cannot inform you how many resumes of mine are out there with my name, address, phone, education and operate history.

Anytime I get a suspicious e mail from a so called employer that asks me for a credit report or to direct me to one more internet site, I am going to redirect the e-mail to that e mail address you talked about. Like I pointed out earlier, I received an practically an identical email from a job poster 14 hours later and this guy even incorporated a telephone nuumber, but of course the quantity is for the UK. Following reading the second e-mail I was knew it was a scam and then reading the very same email Erik posted 10 days ago assured me even more.

I am glad that I know these postings are bogus so I do not waste my time browsing for jobs like that on Craigslist. I would not worry about the personal info… it was most likely just so he can speak to you. You can nevertheless post for jobs on Craig’s List – just be aware of what sounds like a scam and what doesn’t. Nothing undesirable occurred to me just b/c they have my address and telephone #. They are not that good!

They want you to get involved by providing them your banking sending you bad checks… and some just want you to click on their affiliate hyperlinks so they make cash and you waste your time exploring jobs that never exist. There are plenty of genuine organizations that make use of Craig’s List to post jobs – you just have to weed via the other garbage to discover them!

Nevertheless search for and apply for jobs as you would do normally but maintain a watchful eye out for those that appear like they may well be scams or have other intentions. I am at present in the United kingdom now for a Organization Contract and would be back to the state in about a month, nonetheless, I do have a number of issues you could assist me with next week if you will be accessible for me. This can act as a stable foundation to our functioning partnership. I do have a pile up of perform and a quantity of unattended chores which you can immediately help me with, I hope we can meet up with the workload ultimately. And I do believe there is a hidden agenda behind the education of our young children.