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A Quick Guide to Car Title Loans What if you cannot access traditional lines of credit because of a bad credit score? Taking out a car title loan is one option to get cash fast with no background checks and token income verification. What’s the principle behind a car title loan? If you pawn your jewelry or other valuable items, an appraiser would calculate the worth of your items and then lend you that amount. The pawn shop will charge you interest based on the money you borrowed. If you fail to pay the pawn shop within the agreed-upon time frame, you will forfeit your pawned items. A car title loan works the same way. The lending company will appraise the price of your car depending on wholesale values, and will give you a car title loan based on what it deems your vehicle is worth. The lending company will keep the title of your car until you repay your loan. This is not similar to the car loan you used to buy your car. Car title loans are short term loans with high interest rates. If you do not repay your loan, with interest, within a set period of time, you essentially sold your car to your lender by default.
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Since the loan is based on the equity you have built up on your car, most lending companies will require that you own your car outright. If the car’s title is still in the bank’s hand because you haven’t paid off your loan, it is useless as a loan collateral. Other preconditions may be a minimum age, and proof or income and abode. What is in a car title loan contract? Driving your car to the lending company to quickly get the money you need may seem straightforward enough but before you agree to this loan, be aware of what you are legally committing yourself to. Examine the terms and conditions, and search for the following info in your contract: For example, a 4% interest rate may seem minimal until you read on and discover that it is 4% per month which is equal to 48% annually. Keep in mind that car title lending companies do not belong to the category of banks and credit card companies so they are not covered by usury laws, and can therefore charge much higher interest. What are the specific penalties for late payments or nonpayment? Be clear if one delayed payment means your car will already be taken away. Understand if there are additional fees or an increase in the loan’s interest rate in case of late payment.