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Top Considerations for Parking Garage Construction The capital needed for construction of a parking garage is one of the most critical decisions a property owner must make. The capital outlay can have a major repercussion on the financial viability of a project. To illustrate, the parking space for one car is roughly roomier than the office area of the car owner. What are the aspects that affect the construction price of a parking garage? Take into account the geographical location of the building. Where you will erect the parking space has an effect on the price tag. Construction expenditure is dependent on regional factors such as labor costs and material costs, and will vary accordingly. Add to that other factors like soil conditions and higher seismic sectors, and costs will be affected tremendously.
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The number of parking levels should also be considered. Usually, a shorter parking structure in a big plot will cost less per parking space than a higher structure in a small plot. The price per square foot of the first level built on the ground is less than that of the levels elevated above the ground. The more levels a structure is the weightier it becomes so the foundation cost needs to adapt. It is common for an elevated parking garage to have a less efficient parking layout requiring more square feet per parking space.
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Parking below-grade is many times more costly than parking above-grade. The cost of a parking building that has five levels can increase fifteen percent more per square foot if it is depressed below ground. The costliness comes from the brunt of having to dig deeper. Majority of the cost of the parking garage will go to the structural system. Selecting which framing system to adopt will very much affect the cost of each parking slot. The parking building’s structural system can either be cast-in-place concrete, precast concrete, or structural steel. The most practical system will depend on the location of the job and the preferred construction methods in the place. Picking a system that is new to the region will usually hike the cost of the structure. The significant impact on the cost of the parking building of the foundation system is attributed to the high cost of the structural system to the project. A parking building construction taking place in an area of poor soil condition will require a deeper foundation system and more expenses. The total number of parking spaces should also be considered. The overall magnitude of a project will have repercussion on the cost of each parking slot. The larger the project, the less it will cost per space compared to a smaller project. Planning the approach to the construction of a parking building will improve its chances for success and saved money.