Why The Education System Has Failed To Succeed

The Republican candidates for president are all over the spot, but they do agree on a single issue: They know that Hillary would be the strongest Democratic candidate, so they’ll say, do, and invest what ever it takes to bring down this campaign. I never think in overtaxing the rich, but there seems to be extremely small danger of that when you consider the revenue inequality prevalent in the US. Likewise, lack of access to universal healthcare and great education for the poorest appear to me a compelling financial as nicely as moral argument for government investment. I wrote a Hub on this exploring many regions to look at to increase Public Education.

You don’t have to worry about healthcare or giving your kids a good education and you have plenty left for the extras. Morally, I don’t understand how you (I imply you in the general sense, not possessing a go at you specifically Tobey) can justify some of the extreme wealth that is seen when millions of Americans never have access to proper healthcare and poor people have to make do with shitty education. Do you believe it is fair that Obama gave Solyndra CEO 500,000 tax pyre dollars because he supported Obama’s campaign anne now the company is no longer in existence. 1 town follows all the democratic plans and the other follows republican strategy.

I will say again that I don’t agree that any person should be consuming the wealthy (they possibly never taste very good for one particular factor) but I applaud the fact that Obama is making the poorest in society his priority at the (hopefully literal) expense of the most privileged. Obama has excelled in all 3. He will be remembered as one particular of the greatest humanitarians in human history, whilst the uninformed comments of haters with fade away.

The genuine insinuation is to suggest Obama is NOT an American and therefore he does not help the American way of life. Every little thing Obama does and or says comes into question from his spot of birth to his want to finish the Iraq war which he voted against in the first location. Some of you may possibly be offended when I say certain individuals see President Obama as a nigger” president but the tough reality is, that’s how some of your fellow Americans do see him. They vehemently opposed everything President Obama tried to do to aid turn the economy around and make factors far better the country, simply because their number 1 objective was to make him fail!

Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (speaking for the Republican majority in the residence of representatives) states that, The single most critical issue we want to accomplish is for President Obama to be a 1-term president”. You possibly think that they are trying to make Obama look foreign and that therefore they are racist…but WAIT you can find footage of them calling John Kerry French and attempting to foreignize him as well. But if it was a white individual elected from the Democratic Party and they did the identical factors Obama did, I feel we’d nonetheless be quite divided.