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Useful Tips in Buying and Selling Cell Phones There are a lot of people wanting to upgrade their cell phones to something more recently out in the market. There are many newer models out in the market and this is making people want to trade in their old cell phones for newer models. There are websites selling cell phone units where you can sell your old phone and get a slightly used newer model at a much lower price. If you want to buy and sell cell phones in a safe manner, then consider the tips below. It is good to meet the person who is selling you a used cell phone so you can be sure that the unit you are buying is still functioning properly. Check if the phone has retained all its functions and the basic settings and functions are still usable. The worst thing that can happen is for you to buy a stolen cell phone, so make sure that it is not so. You can check this out in a particular online site. Blacklisted phones will not be activated by its providers and you don’t want this to happen. Cell phone dealers can also help you in determining if the phone sale is a good or a bad deal.
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All devices have their unique serial numbers. You can check online if the phone you are planning to buy has been lost, stolen, or blocked because of an unpaid bill. To maintain contact with the device seller, ask for his phone number.
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If you buy your used cell phone from carriers of authorized resellers of refurbished units then you can be sure that you are buying a good one. If you are buying online, do not buy from a seller that has a poor score. Beware of people who ask too many personal questions and asks you to deposit in a bank account before the unit it released. This can be a scam. Companies and businesses dealing with mobile phones also sell used units and for a time they will offer a guarantee. From them you can buy a relatively new used phone that has already passed professional testing. When brand new phones are released by certain companies, you can get their old stock for a few dollars less. Getting a brand new phone for a cheaper price can be done in this manner. So if you want to upgrade your phone, there are ways that you can get a great deal with a slightly used one which comes at a cheap price, and there are also ways on selling your old phone for a slightly higher price that the dealer is willing to give.