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Main Reasons why Korean Drama and Movies are Considered Great Korean drama or publicly known as K-drama for short is a type of televised drama series that is performed via a miniseries format made in South Korea, with their very unique performance that is highly different from our typical Western television series. Korean dramas are usually set in either the present times or in a historical background, with various genres that can be applied to them such as romantic comedies (or rom-com for short), science fiction, fantasy, or action dramas. Asian countries and their community love to watch Korean dramas and movies, and their popularity is majorly spreading all over the world. There is a diverse amount of different types of Korean Drama, which mostly consist of Rom-Com or just the simple Romance, Makjang (which is a melodrama infused with extreme soap opera style), Sageuk (which is historical drama and or fantasy), Fusion Sageuk (which is historical drama and or fantasy that incorporates some modern elements) and Melodrama. Korean drama is currently very popular worldwide thanks to their loyal fans, with multiple amounts of streaming sites that also offer diverse amount of language subtitles that the fans done themselves. As new individuals would watch Korean drama, they will be indulge in the Korean culture and will start to appreciate them as a whole, they will then think how beautiful the Korean language is and would try to learn some of the words, next they will spread their Korean drama love online, and with their family and friends. Some fans of the Korean drama industry would say they love watching it because of how interesting and brand new the culture is to them, though some fans may also mention that they really like watching it because of the beautiful actors and actresses performing, while others will mention that the real reason why they love watching it is because of how unique and great the Korean language is and they would love to know more about it, but most of the Korean drama fans if not all, would argue that the best thing about Korean dramas is their plot, Korean dramas definitely have great plot, and they also keep it short unlike the Western dramas which tend to drag it on and on with no development. One of the main reason to why it is also really popular is because of their music, the music tracks played in Korean dramas is always really good to listen too even though you may not understand a word they say, you will still feel the love or tension of the song, that is why music is the universal language of the world.

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