Welcome To The Horace Mann I.M.C.

Did you know that you can use EducationCity on your smart phones and tablets? I am specifically concerned that U.S. learners will commence to leave the U.S. education system for opportunities abroad. Americans should prepare now for globalization of higher education and the reality that several hugely educated Americans will move abroad. We are swiftly in the process of building out a global higher education market place with implications parallel to the globalization of other markets. We are welcoming new people, new concepts and new projects into Western Australia and we are functioning together to make our city even greater into the future.

The city believes that finding out is about interactions amongst folks, spanning formal interactions in an institutional setting to informal modes of learning such as an informative talk or museum exhibition. As a reminder, staff encourages residents to contact or pay a visit to City Hall Monday – Friday 8 a.m- 5 p.m. any time througout the year to chat about concerns.

In collaboration with governments, educational institutions and stakeholders, Study Perth gives a leadership function in creating the profile of international education in WA and overseas. Initially known as Perth Education City (PEC), the StudyPerth entity originated in 1987 when interested institutions identified a need to meet and talk about concerns of widespread interest in regards to international education.

Study Perth is now strongly supported by the Government of Western Australia through the Division of State Development and the Department of Education Services Our relaunch as the Study Perth brand is in response to the need for a new identity for international education in a new, internationally recognised Perth. Our member institutions include the State’s 5 planet class universities, plus numerous vocational education providers, primary and secondary schools, and English language colleges – both from the public and private sectors.

These meetings are held for residents to meet city staff and hear about project updates, but most importantly, these meetings are to give a forum to city residents in order to give their opinion and speak of concerns and accolades. The City of St. Joseph is proud to affiliate itself with a lot of distinct engines of financial improvement and development.