Train Yourself the Balisong Way

When choosing a knife to be your companion out in the wilderness and your daily life, you want to make sure that you make an investment that is not only durable but reliable. There are more types of knives than you think, and researching your knife options may lead you to consider Balisong knives, or butterfly knives. This particular knife, originating from the Philippines, folds around the blade creating a safe area to conceal the blade for protection against your hands and against the outside forces. Because of the unique way of opening these blades, they are commonly referred to as fan knives and make a distinct click clack noise when they are opened and closed.

When you first look at butterfly knives it can be very confusing because there are two handles, and perfecting the opening and closing method can take some practicing. When used in a combat situation out in the wilderness, this particular type of knife is not the best option to saw or chop branches or trees, but with a thrust motion it is extremely effective method of injuring your prey. Due to the longer blade than automatic or standard knives, it has an edge advantage in hunting mechanisms.

One of the more popular companies is American made and started producing knives in the late 1970s. This company, Benchmade, features a wide variety of custom blades and designs and choosing out of the hundreds of models can be a confusing process.

Benchmade, has released a model 62 Balisong knife. Made from stainless steel, and around the same size as the Benchmade 42, it creates competition for the other Balisong knife production companies. Benchmade also produces a Balisong model 51, which is one of the more commonly praised butterfly knife. It is known for its easy maneuverability and its great grip. You can click here to learn more about Benchmade butterfly knives like the 51 and the 62.

Campers will find use in these portable knives for almost anything that you come into contact with the wilderness. Butterfly knives are, however, considered dangerous and illegal in some states. While shopping you’ll want to make sure that you meet your state’s legal requirements to hold this weapon across state borders, or when camping, so there are no repercussions to owning these versatile weapons. Be sure to visit an authorised Benchmade retailer like BladeOps find out more about these knives and choose the one that best suits your needs.