Top 7 Marxist Communist Policies Getting Implemented By Obama These days

These are the documented connections – utilizing attribution from mainstream media sources – that must have people thinking twice before they contemplate voting for Barack Obama. Obama spoke for practically 25 minutes at the Qatar National Convention Centre to a packed audience which included political and education leaders from around the planet and dignitaries like Sheikha Moza bint Nasser, mother of Qatar’s emir. The initial lady’s speech was also extremely private and she stated that her own education had helped take her to locations she could only dream of” as a child. In this area we are not only paralysed, but going backwards at the speed of light,” she said, adding that education was below attack”.

Obama’s speech was part of the Let Girls Learn” initiative, a programme to discover ways to offer education for the 62 million girls worldwide, according to the 1st lady, who do not go to college every day. Sheikha Moza and Michelle Obama also presented the 2015 Wise Prize for education, worth $500,000, to Sakena Yacoobi, the founder of the Afghan Institute of Studying who mentioned she was accepting the award on behalf of Afghan men and women, kids and women”. The quotes from your post expose yourself to the propaganda of the Obama administration.

Right after Qatar, exactly where she also visited a main US air base with television chat show host Conan ‘Brien, Obama is due to head to Jordan but her flight has been delayed due to the fact of the weather. His father was not an American citizen and moved back to Kenya following divorcing his mother who then remarried an Indonesian fellow and moved with each other with young Obama to Indonesia. Till the age of ten Obama spent his childhood in a Islamic regime and was educated in a fanatic Islamic educational method.

All of Barack Hussein Obama’s siblings and loved ones live outside the US. Obama does not have a single American family members member! Barack Obama has admitted using and abusing Alcohol, cocaine and Marijuana to relieve social pressures he faced throughout Higher School. All through his term Obama has attempted to purchase favor is the eyes of radical Islam and at the expense of the America and her allies. The President provides a speech directly to Americas students welcoming them back to school.

Once again when it comes to Israel Obama has insulted, embarrassed and disrespected Binyamin Netanyahu time following time. This book gives fantastic true-life background on the points in President Obama’s education plan, with commentary from some of the most essential voices in education. Ever because Barack Obama became the President of United States in November 2008, he has been beneath the public spotlight.