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Whilst serving as editor of the alumni magazine at Johns Hopkins University in the 1950s, Corbin Gwaltney created a print supplement that discussed timely troubles in American higher education Initial interest in the publication was higher, and many universities purchased the supplement for inclusion in their own alumni magazines. In accordance with Gwaltney’s vision of a trustworthy, impartial news supply with wide appeal, The Chronicle has in no way featured editorials.

Gwaltney sooner or later left the Hopkins magazine to launch an independent publication that would supply exclusive coverage of new developments in larger education, social and political problems, and future initiatives of universities across the nation. The classifieds have because expanded into an whole section, an substantial resource for those in search of employment in greater education. In the decades since its inception, The Chronicle has distinguished itself from its competitors—such as University Company and the now-defunct Lingua Franca—and has expanded readership of its print and Net versions to far more than 300,000.

Supplying four distinct RSS Opinion and Suggestions Feeds: Primary Opinion & Concepts, The Chronicle Assessment, Commentary and Brainstorm. The Chronicle of Higher Education launched an interactive tool that tends to make it easy to dig into information about U.S. college graduation rates. The Chronicle of Larger Education’s College Completion web site offers access to the raw data, and opens up regions to share your pondering on why this is taking place, and how to resolve the problem.

On that day, each Mr. Jaschik and Mr. Lederman, the editor and managing editor of The Chronicle of Higher Education, announced they were leaving the paper, where they had both worked for practically 20 years. The Chronicle now has a print circulation of just over 85,000 and its Net site gets much more than 10 million web page views per month. Along the way, The Chronicle also earned a reputation for becoming stodgy and resistant to adjust. Each Mr. Jaschik and Mr. Lederman are circumspect when asked about their departure from The Chronicle.