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4 Charter Schools Push Back Against Sudden Closings By Chicago Public Schools

City Controller Alan Butkovitz’s investigation of 13 Philadelphia charter schools identified repeated examples of complicated real estate arrangements in which charters leased or rented facilities from connected non-profit organizations. Two studies down by Caroline Hoxby, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution K-12 education process force, support the claim that charter schools have outperformed their district counterparts. In reality, Hoxby goes as far as to claim that her two studies are the only research that truly reflect the functionality of charter schools due to the fact of how the research have been carried out.

She compares the students who got into the charter schools to the students who did not, tracking the achievement of both more than the course of a single year (this study, in theory, is to go on for ten much more years). The cause she feels this is the fairest way to judge a charter school …