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Sycamore Neighborhood Schools is governed by a 5-member Board of Education that gives governance to the district on policy and monetary matters. It presents the individual reflections of three of those who participated: a husband/carer who was a single on the two volunteers who helped run this project, a gentleman with primary progressive MS and a lady with secondary progressive MS. Common to their response were (differently expressed) awareness that this was something far more that treating a disease, and enthusiasm to continue and extend the Conductive Education experience.

I do not know no matter whether the ‘conductive’ came from the US Department of Education or was a slip of the pen (effortlessly completed) of the part of the Huntington Herald-Despatch but, whatever the substantive virtues in the query of little schools versus consolidation, neither position across this divide is surely ‘conductive to education’.

Conductive Education arrived in that country …