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Welcome to this site designed to give you a dose of reality before you get on that plane to Teach English Abroad. It also comes at a time where there is an unprecedented boost in financing of private education across the world, specifically in Africa, usually with the help of foreign investors. These investments have attracted equally expanding criticism, which includes in a current report highlighting how the UK government, via its Department for International Improvement (DfID), supports privatising education and wellness solutions. This will incorporate crucial selections about the prospective function and support to private actors in education.

The World Bank will be present subsequent week at the World Education Forum, where State representatives from about the planet will be meeting to take critical choices about education development targets for the next fifteen years. On the one particular hand you will be representing the Bank at the Globe Education Kind and putting for a case for equity however your colleagues that oversee the Banks function in Kenya and Uganda are making use of Bank funds to promote a private for profit education providers to extend their enrollment rates. Bank is undermining the State obligation to supply the appropriate to education and undermine social equity.

I can happily offer you with r ever feel to many literature evaluations to assistance my case I hope that Bank can live up to its commitment to human rights and social equity by reviewing this social experiments. Under are just two publications that raise critical queries about for profit education provision both from rights based, financial and learning outcomes approach. The truth is that facts and figures have shown that African education is in a significant mess.

The report highlights variations in prospective international students’ data in search of behavior by level of education — bachelor’s and master’s degree — and essential supply nations — China, India and Saudi Arabia. You can access much more data about the report through the WES Globe Education News & Reviews (WENR) site and although you are there you may want to take 20 seconds and subscribe to the totally free WENR Newsletter as it is nicely worth it! I also serve as a Study Abroad Research Consultant for the Center for International Education at the University of California, Los Angeles.

I serve on the editorial advisory board of the Journal of Studies in International Education (JSIE) and have co-authored a number of book chapters, journal articles and reports on international education subjects. In addition, I publish the International Higher Education Consulting Blog, one of six blogs worldwide chosen by the New York Times editors to feed into the International Education section of the New York Instances on-line.