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Amy Fouse is the English Language Arts (6-12) and ESOL/Title III Coordinator in Houston County. Under the supervision and guidance of Dr. Juan Antonio Jasso, the Southside ISD expanded it’s campuses and took education into areas that a rural school like Southside ISD hadn’t accomplished just before. Sandy Oaks Volunteer Fire Department Makes It is Final Call, thanks to County Commissioner Rodrguez and ESD6 President, Sylvia Ruiz Mendelsohn. Former Southside ISD graduates have a long history of furthering their education and coming house to teach the future generations of Southside ISD students.

South Bexar Fire and Rescue: 18, year old Alex D.White, died he served the Southern Bexar County region as a volunteer firefighter and had been at a trash fire just hours before. Board members that are out for their own individual interests, squandering the taxpayers funds and stealing from the kids. The Commissioner has sole authority to take away an ESD6 board member, as they are appointed at will. County Commissioner Chico Rodriguez blames ESD6 financial troubles on the Southside ISD.

Embattled ESD#six board members took control at Southside ISD, soon after what they’ve completed to the ESD#6, the believed of their involvement with the schools funding was bone chilling. County Commissioner Chico Rodriguez had difficulties with another ESD in his precinct and did nothing about it, this is taxation with out representation. Quico Canseco disappointed the South Bexar County residents who had been fighting the ESD #six for fire protection.

Bill White did such a wonderful job as mayor of Houston that he was elected 3 instances and each and every time with more than 80% of the vote. International Baccalaureate is a non-profit, mission-driven foundation and a recognized leader in the field of international education. On Wednesday morning, the Foundation announced that the Houston Independent School District was awarded this year’s Broad Prize and $550,000 in scholarship cash for its students.

Besides San Diego Unified, other districts nominated were Corona-Norco, situated in Riverside County, and Cumberland County Schools in North Carolina. In addition, the jury evaluated the 4 finalist districts’ policies and practices, compiled following site visits carried out by a team of education practitioners led by RMC Investigation Corporation, an education consulting company. Choice for these positions need them to seem ahead of a choice board and present their skills, abilities and wish for certain leadership positions.