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Tips for Writing Crossword Puzzles It is true that a lot of people buy newspaper today simply because of the crossword puzzle in it. It is surprising how the crossword puzzle section comes in the top five most read pages in a newspaper. So writing crossword puzzles is still much in demand even at this present age. You can make crossword puzzle making as a great sideline opportunity. If you are a crossword puzzler then you can have this opportunity available for you. However, this opportunity is not only for them but for anyone for that matter. It does not need a mastery of English to be one. If you want to write crossword puzzles, here are some helps for you. Having a theme is important to writing crossword puzzles. Some examples of themes are history, geography, travel, film, TV, famous people, etc. The theme is there but it does not have to be revealed to those answering your crossword. Themes will allow you to easily think up of words and clues. A long list of words related to your theme is the next thing you need to list down. You can start with 25 or 30 words. Write all the words you can think of. Your crossword puzzle will use words from this list. Long and short words should be part but make sure that there are fewer words under 4 letters. Try to use words with more often used letter like vowels and some consonants which will be easy to fit together. Z, Q. and X should not be often used in the words that you will make part of your puzzle.
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You will then need a graph paper and a pencil. The first thing to do is to write a long word in the middle of the page, then get five or six other long words and try to link them together with their common letters. Then get the smaller words and try to fit them around the longer words. From there you can use the remaining words to build up your grid. To finish, fill in the spaces with a blank.
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The numbering of the puzzle should be that every first letter of every word will have one. Divide the words into the Across words and the Down words. You are then to create a clue for each word. Most crosswords have simple clues or cryptic clues and it is best not to mix the two types of clues together. A thesaurus will give you clue ideas for your crossword. If making crossword puzzles is too taxing for you, you may want to get yourself a computer program that helps you make one.