Setting Curriculum Standards At The National Level

Just about absolutely everyone agrees that there is a need to enhance public schools, but there is no consensus on what should be completed. His past spring, Harvard and MIT got the focus of every person in the larger ed organization when they announced a new on-line education venture named edX. The new venture will make online versions of the universities’ courses obtainable to a practically limitless quantity of enrollees about the world. One of the biggest barriers to the mainstreaming of online education is the frequent assumption that students don’t learn as effectively with laptop-based instruction as they do with in-individual instruction. Clearly, on the web education can not be superior in all respects to the in-particular person expertise.

Amongst the chattering classes in larger ed, there is an increasing sense that we have reached a tipping point exactly where new interactive net technology, coupled with widespread access to broadband net service and increased student comfort interacting online, will send online education mainstream. In the future, the main platform for higher education could be a third-party website, not the university itself. On the internet education is not an enemy of residential education”, mentioned MIT president Susan Hockfield.

On the non-profit side, MIT has been the nation’s leader in pioneering open-source on the internet education by means of its MITx platform, which launched last December and serves as the basis for the new edX platform. The arrival of credentials, backed by respected universities, eliminates a single of the last remaining obstacles to the widespread adoption of low-cost on the web education. Intelligent universities must be investing in on the web technology and positioning themselves as leaders in the new frontier of open-source education.

Anant Agarwal, an MIT computer science professor and edX’s very first president, told the Los Angeles Occasions, MIT’s and Harvard’s mission is to give cost-effective education to anyone who desires it.” That’s a very diverse mission than elite schools like Harvard and MIT have had for most of their existence. The project is so expensive that Yale could really purchase a three-bedroom property in New Haven for every new student it is bringing in and nonetheless save $one hundred million.

But Agarwal’s statement is an indication that, at some level, these institutions comprehend that the scalability and economic efficiency of on the internet education let for a new kind of mission for elite universities. Along with luxury dorms and dining halls, vast athletic facilities, state of the art game rooms, theaters and student centers have come layers of staff and non-teaching administrators, all of which drives up the expense of the college degree without enhancing student understanding. With homeschooling, the parents take complete duty of their childrenâs education.