Riverwood International Charter School

If you want to homeschool your little ones in California, public homeschool applications are a single selection obtainable to you. Sophomores get their personal e-book readers for college use, each classroom utilizes an electronic whiteboard and teachers are equipped with laptops, wise phones and personal web sites to assist their teaching. The college makes use of a guided reading” class where students of varying levels of reading comprehension are split into diverse groups and assigned diverse books that will challenge their ability level. I would really like to know how significantly Caldwell is acquiring ($$$) for getting head of college.

I do not want to bust on the people from Foundation as well much right here: as I often say, everybody must be proud of their college. It’s also worth noting that they have far more little ones proportionately in poverty than any school in the outer suburbs of Mercer County. Caldwell’s personal charter school, Village CS, has the second lowest FL eligible population in the city of Trenton.

The time has come for the charter cheerleaders to quit this mendacity: it really is polluting the debate about education, and it really is making them look like fools, charlatans, or both. Unquestionably, some in the charter industry have told outright lies about charters, but that’s not the case here. This story is based on distortions: we are being told only portion of the story, and that’s providing a false impression of Foundation relative to the Trenton Public Schools. I tweeted when the story came out: according to the post, the school started with 100 students in two middle grades in 2007.

Bill – these youngsters that dropped out or have been kicked out of Foundations ended appropriate back in the Trenton schools exactly where we had to scramble to provide them with books, supplies and teachers! The report does not explain why the class is so modest, but 17 vs 50 is a glaring pair of information points, and the writer was clearly spoon-fed an advertorial. Good for them – but I doubt a public school district would ever be allowed to do the identical.

But it’s just as unfair to compare charters with massive prices of FL students to suburban schools as it is to compare those charters to urban district schools serving even higher numbers of FL students. And if Dale Caldwell doesn’t realize this standard fact, he is not qualified to run a college that makes use of taxpayer funds. It is such a shame that parents have drug that lovely college into the dregs of all schools.