Reclaiming Your Life after Dealing with Sound Problems

If you were dealing with a major noise problem for a prolonged time period, you know it can start to take over your daily life.  You thought about the issue frequently, wondering how you could make it stop, and your emotions got involved.  Anger, frustration, and the inability to control the situation probably all played a role. 

Now you’ve eliminated the problem by soundproofing.  You’ve resolved the issue and eliminated, or greatly diminished, the annoying noise.  Everything’s better, right?  Or is it?

After completing a home soundproofing project and getting the noise under control, some people find that they are now hypersensitive to its absence. You lie in your now quiet bedroom at night and find that your thoughts are still circling around that noise…even though it’s not there anymore.

This is not an unusual reaction.  Before you solved the problem, you spent a lot of time thinking about those noises, wondering how you were going to get them to stop, scouring websites like for materials and ideas, and dreaming of ways to punish the instigator of all that racket.  Now you don’t have those thoughts to focus on and your mind is at loose ends. 

So how do you solve your new problem?  The first step is to be firm with yourself.  Every time you catch yourself thinking about the noise issue, stop and remind yourself that that is now a mute subject.  You resolved it; you created an effective sound barrier and improved your quality of life.

You may find that that solution just doesn’t work well enough.  You’ve lived with that noise creating stress in your life for some time.  The noise caused the stress and your body is still on alert, ready to react to that stimulation.  Now you have to find a different way to relieve that pent up emotion.  That may mean deep breathing exercises, a hot bath before bedtime, or other techniques that work for you.

Once you start reducing your stress level, you need to consider your sleeping patterns. When you were trying to rest with all those sound problems around you,  you probably, even unwittingly, made modifications in the way you sleep, attempting to deflect the irritating noise even in slumber.   Reexamine your sleep patterns and see if you can now find less restrictive ways to rest.  You don’t need that pillow clamped over your head or those earplugs anymore.  Try to remember how you slept before noise became a disruptive part of your life.

Sound control is a terrific way to eradicate noise problems, but keep in mind that your body had grown used to dealing with the situation.  That was your body’s norm.  Now you have to retrain it to a new standard…one of peace and quiet.  Don’t worry.  It won’t take long to readjust to your new, quieter world.