Philosophy And Ambitions Of Education In Nigeria

Education is primarily based on the Christian-standard philosophy in contrast to humanistic, progressive systems of education. Most individuals were interested in utilizing the sensible components than focusing on the philosophy. Right after analyzing pragmatism, we feel that this philosophy best describes our teaching style. Right after the Zakir Hussain’s report of education Gandhiji initiated a concept of Sarvoday Society. Gandhiji says-education of the heart could only be carried out by way of the living touch of the teacher.” Education becomes powerful and faithful only to the extent to which there is individual touch among the teacher and the taught.

Education for Relevance:- Sparta was a warrior city state, consequently, its aim of education was for militarism. These two city state channeled their system of education towards the achievement of their stated objectives. In Nigeria, attempts are being produced to use education for the solution of relevant issues. In Athena education aimed at producing the philosopher kings who would govern an excellent state with justice at it supermen goals. In current instances, efforts are getting made in Nigeria to formulate a philosophy of education. Idealism was the philosophy of Plato which gave education to both boys and girls.

The 1969 curriculum conference and the 1977 and later 1981 national policy on education are circumstances in point. This preparation for the future life is nearly rejected by contemporary educational philosophers like Rousseau and Dewey. Heidegger in his essay On Plato’s doctrine of truth clearly established the relevance of Plato’s believed for the 20th century, and those remarks are properly taken even in the 21st century. Plato’s significance lies in giving a clear understanding to educators about the meaning of different concepts that appeared in the discourse on education in the history.

If one appears closely at these ideas , one particular can easily locate that in any discourse on educational philosophy, these words make much more frequent appearances. Moreover, conventional education , and age old believes about education have their origin in Plato’s philosophy, so it is only by way of a study of Plato that a single can recognize these things correct at the supply. Below are some renowned educational philosophers that had been tremendously contributed to the foundation of education.

Therefore, warriors ought to have courage, for they are accountable for expressing the discontent of society, they have to defend any infringement in the values or geographical boundaries of society. They have to guard the economic interests as well, for a society accumulates wealth and neighbors can covet it. Courage According to Aristotle is a mean in between cowardice and rashness. So Plato recommends an education method which is uniform and which pursues the common aims of the society itself. John Dewey (1859-1952) applied pragmatist philosophy in his progressive approaches.