Petition Challenge The Chronicle Of Higher Education To Dismiss Naomi Schaefer Riley

This is the blog of Dr. Curt Bonk, Professor at Indiana University and President of CourseShare (there are NO Guest Blogs and NO ads permitted). Those guidelines could have been meant mainly for proprietary colleges, but they are obtaining a unfavorable influence on all sectors of greater education, Mr. Pruitt argued, and they reflect a view that makes compliance a priority over top quality assurance. White students go to private, not-for-earnings at greater prices than virtually any group, except Non-residents.

For his element, Mr. Mitchell attempted to reassure the college leaders that the department was operating to be more cooperative, citing experimental applications to test approaches like competency-primarily based education and credit for prior studying. Primarily based on information from the 2011-12 year, the evaluation says the colleges trained 855,562 graduates in technical fields with midlevel skills” and offered the equivalent of 242,650 complete-time jobs that produced tax revenues of much more than $3.47-billion. Our trade paper, the Chronicle of Higher Education, ran an article about how this may well influence higher education. The Chronicle locations a premium on reporting that is correct and writing that shines.

The bubbles are colored and sized by spread (blue and big are very good for Pell students red and modest, not so significantly.) Correct away you see the pattern: If you enroll fewer Pell students, your Pell graduation rate is higher. My hypothesis would be that far more selective institutions ( who have higher graduation prices overall ) a) simply choose the most capable from among the poor students they admit, and b) have far more sources to fund the smaller percentage of low-revenue students.

The higher incomes in Alaska mask a a lot greater expense of living, and the remoteness of the state and relative dearth of post-secondary choices make its attainment rating skew low, in all probability. What you see is a adjust: Hispanic and African-American students go to community colleges and for-earnings at considerably higher prices than their White and Asian peers.

Sweet Briar College in Virginia lately announced, to the shock of several in higher education, that it would be closing at the end of this spring, 2015 term As often happens when a college decides to close, these who are or had been close to it rally the troops and wage a fierce campaign to try to preserve it open. I have no difficulty with addressing healthcare problems in America, and there are plenty to address.