Pa. College Districts Brace For Prolonged State Budget Battle

Despite the fact that the names in the preceding situation are fictitious, the events in are all as well true. I had complained on a quantity of occasions and in fact made documented proof that classmates and teammates were plagiarizing or submitting substandard or elementary grade level written material. When the person would not provide the needed references, I recommended that I could go to the instructor, and the student replied with his own threats. The interesting part was that the university adamantly reminded students to use APA formatting for papers, which genuinely tends to make no distinction if the student is plagiarizing material one hundred%. All he cared about was the money and not the top quality of education I would obtain.

I am stunned and saddened to find out that UOP has gone to these lengths to achieve a profit rather than provide a good quality education to students, and I am, I guess, one of the morons that fell for the trap. When I refused to pay that funds being aware of they had received my Pell funds and student loan income, I was then told that I owed for classes I took back in Feb and March. I cannot get the past two years back, but I positive would really like to sue for the $20,000 I now owe in student loans.

The phone does not cease ringing after I informed to now get in touch with me. This school is such a rip off, they raised tuition yet once more right after just raising it not to extended ago. Diploma mills are harmful to America’s larger studying education technique since they steal funds that could otherwise be paying for complete-time faculty at state public and private colleges and universities. Let us know how you had been hired straight out of college as a first-time college student with your University of Phoenix degree by delivering your name, the company you operate for, the telephone quantity of your firm, and your job title.

If you have any H.R. proof containing information about organizations not hiring graduates from on-line colleges and universities due to the fact they feel these online schools are diploma mills, please save that data and file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education. Cheers to the University of Phoenix shutting down for excellent and all of its affiliates getting sent to the big property for conducting fraud, breach of contract, and for stealing cash from students, leaving them with a negative education and student loan debt! In this way, a single can see the end of education fostered by corporate media take-more than.

Again you praise the college and say that you graduated with an associates degree (you forgot to mention what plan you graduated from) and ultimately, you never provide the employer name that you perform for nor a telephone quantity of the company that you operate for so the whole globe will know just how valid your University of Phoenix degree actually is. They manipulated my pell grant and my loans and now they say I have to pay for my tuition.