One particular Reader’s Plea To Michelle Obama

The Network for Public Education is skeptical of the value of the Obama administration’s latest pronouncement on testing. Very first that you can legally opt out of getting to obtain auto liability insurance coverage by not operating a motor vehicle on public roads whereas with Obama Care the only way to legally steer clear of purchasing health-related insurance will be to die. They then rightly asserted that my husband serves on the board of StudentsFirst—New York, an education reform group that advocates for charter schools. PrettyPanther – I too did a Bing and Google search – I found that President Obama is the first to do this.

One CIA director, Robert Gates, who was head of the CIA beneath president George H. W. Bush, has because gone on to become Defense Secretary below each president George W. Bush Gates’ tenure heading the Defense Department will continue under soon-to-be president Barack Obama. In August, six Republican candidates appeared at a New Hampshire forum sponsored by Brown’s education reform news website , The Seventy Four, along with the college decision advocacy group the American Federation for Children. Jersey Jazzman is the pseudonym of Mark Weber: teacher, education researcher, musician.

Unions are also angry about Obama’s decision to replace Duncan with his like-minded deputy, John King Brown has battled with unions as well, and she stated the choices by Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and the other Democrats to skip her occasion reflected their discomfort with Obama’s education agenda and their fear of the unions. Mr. Obama just doesn’t know how to lead the country or do much of something else that matter save give teleprompter speeches.

Then we have the Apology tour” of Barack Obama Our President, who went about the planet apologizing for every little thing he believed was wrong with our country. That this President did not stand up and cuff this guy for saying such a horrible factor is beyond me. That Mr. Obama did not take the honor BACK from this idiot is sickening. I believed I’d let you know that the central premise of your article, that President Obama is the first U.S. president to hold a press conference with out U.S. flags, is factually wrong.

I just read that Obama has missed 8 special events which includes D-Day to play golf, which he has 32 instances. If you can prove he mentioned to have the flags removed ( and I am certain he is way to savvy to say anything like that, or even want it to happen, he does have yet another election to compete in after all), then I will believe he has an anti-American diabolic plan in the functions. The Press Conference that Obama held was not associated to any of these circumstances. Though there is some coverage provided to those who favor Obama in some networks.