Obama Was Elected Through Willful Ignorance

America thrived in the 20th century simply because we made high college totally free, and sent a generation of GIs to college. Immigration: In June 2012, President Obama issued an executive order for his administration not to pursue deportations and/or legal action against illegal immigrants who had been brought to the nation as kids and were not in violation of other laws or regulations. Gun Manage: Throughout his campaign, Obama expressed supports for stricter gun control, a ban on semi-automatic weapons, and stricter accountability for gun show dealers. On October 9, 2009 President Obama became the 3rd sitting US president to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

I listened to Palin tonight and just her humor and loved ones ties make her an adorable option for a vp but its not her credentials as a mayor of a town of 5000 or her time in dc politics, it was her words about mccain and obama that i listened to. Obama is a great president, in a country that is not genuinely accustomed to fantastic presidents, or decent politics.

As a result, Obama gets my vote basically primarily based upon his capacity to shake off the dust of the previous, learn from his blunders, and move on. If I held every politician to words spoken in the previous, I have discovered that they are all flip-floppers or hypocrites. Obama has verified to me lengthy before this run for president that he is someone who, like Lincoln, learned to make the greatest of failure or errors or ommission and move on a better person for it. Barrack Obama is a Communist…just take a close look at who he surrounds himself with…it is undeniable.

In the background I har the shrill bleeting of the new VP to be, the celebration behind john mccain who at heart is decent guy but George bush was not mean or cynical enough to dream up the schemes and illegal means the R party uses to win elections. I’m not also sold on Obama – I feel kind of duped as I was expecting real adjust, not a continuation of bush policies. Let’s appear at the details, the Massachusetts strategy that Romney signed into law in 2006 is essentially the blueprint for Obama’s strategy. Individuals said George Bush was incompetent, but Barack Obama does not seem to be too intelligent either.

Obama might have an agenda, but it is evident he doesn’t know how to execute it. Well being care was a near failure, he does not know how to manage the oil crisis, and he does not have a realistic program to fix the economy. The speech was praised by some members of Congress as the best speech that President Obama has made in his 3 years in workplace. The final three years of the Obama administration, the Democrat controlled Senate below the leadership of Senator Reid (2007- these days) has yet to pass a budget.