Obama And Cuomo Are Sounding Alot Alike These Days

Sharing data and reporting on all that reeks in American education, particularly corporate reform in K12 education, the agenda to privatize the correct to a free public education for each child, and basic corruption in K12-greater education. Either way, the mainstream press’s slowly fading intoxication with the Obama administration has led it to miss the dimensions of the new urban crisis now stalking the United States. The administration-created Division of Labor report does its greatest to accentuate the constructive, but it is clear that when it comes to employment, the Obama administration has been a total bust for blacks. Buried deep in the report, for example, we locate the mumbled admission that black unemployment continued to rise in each 2009 and 2010 in finance, transportation, and building.

Far from basking in even a feeble recovery, African-Americans have endured two years of rising unemployment considering that the Obama inauguration. Government payrolls have really been shrinking in current months, as the 2009 stimulus comes to an end and states around the country cut their budgets. Candidate Obama talked a lot more about the war in Iraq than about Hurricane Katrina, and as President he has avoided any sense of specific advocacy for blacks. The complete piece is obtainable on the Al Jazeera web site and on the Huge Noise Films internet site.

The Census Bureau findings piggyback on an earlier study published by the Pew Research Center that showed the gap among the average Black and typical White households in 2009 grew to proportions unseen considering that the 1980s. Economists count on the wellness care reform law passed by Congress final year to reverse the trend of people losing insurance coverage in 2014, when the law’s main provisions kick in. ANJALI KAMAT: It’s been a year given that Barack Obama was inaugurated as the initial African American president of this country.

As I watched President Obama aka Chilly B Knowledge” rapping with the Seattle Seahawks at the White property, I reflected on the magnificence of the moment. They went on to point out that given the education and opportunity to compete we could beat white guys at anything just like Sugar Ray Robinson and Joe Louis and Jackie Robinson were kicking their ass in the sports arena. BART McINTYRE: The economics, Obama getting the black president, the Democratic-controlled Congress is all fueling the fires.

BRIAN PACE: Our Mississippi internet site, it is been place on-line in July, and we’ve had more than 17,000 folks come to it. Just like we put one more web site on the internet named , and that is acquiring flooded with responses. AMY GOODMAN: Chip Berlet in that excerpt from White Power USA by filmmakers Rick Rowley and Jacquie Soohen, accessible in complete at the Al Jazeera English site.