NYC Public College Parents

Mr. Fernandez also dismissed Jerry Olshaker, a $71,000-a-year administrator of meals provide who pleaded guilty in 1987 to sexually abusing a neighbor’s daughter in Matawan, N.J. The NYC DOE keeps Barbara Kirkweg , principal of Bronx Aerospace HS, in place even after numerous complaints by parents of harsh and unfair disciplinary practices, teachers accusing her of falsifying grades, and a finding by the Air Force that $66,800 in ROTC funds have been unaccounted for. She has been below NYC DOE investigation the previous year and a half for questionable management of school spending budget and summer time employment.

As a complete-time 12-month NYC DOE principal, she worked 6-8 weeks in the summers as a labyrinth instructor in Silver Bay YMCA, Lake George, NY. She can now commit completely to her summer time employment and true passion while collecting NYC DOE pension at NY taxpayer expense. Over 28 teachers left the college last June and this June of 2015 a lot of more have left due to the horrible behavior of this principle.

The Education Department fined a principal $3000 for improperly bypassing zone.. Monday, November 24, 2008, ten:16 PM.. Maria Rosado, who is nonetheless principal at Public College 207 in Kingsbridge, enrolled her.. She did the same for yet another grandson atPublic College 291, where she was previously assistant principal. Earlier in the month 200 students, parents, and teachers protested outside the school against the Principal and her policies that shortchanged special education students and eliminated academic programs. But principals use college monies for thier own wants and not for the appropriate education of our youngsters.

All students deserve to receive a good quality, difficult education in a protected atmosphere-free of charge from bullying youngsters and/or adults who pretend to be adminstrators. Non tenure teachers have been terminated and abused by a lot of principals and simply because the lack of sources these teachers cannot fight for thier jobs. The teachers want to walk out get respect and not accept the abuse of the department of education.

NYC KidsPAC supplied the DOE and the Mayor’s workplace with this report three weeks ago, and received no response. The grades the Mayor received from NYC KidsPAC are decidedly mixed, ranging from A” and A- on cell phones, college closings, and arts education, to a B” on testing, and a D” on co-areas, space planning, parent engagement and input, particular education and student privacy. NYC KidsPAC provides the Mayor an F” for diversity, as the well-documented segregation in NYC schools has not been addressed in spite of his campaign promises.