Now, Obama And Education Secretary Push For College Saving Plan

President Barack Obama has called for capping standardized testing at two % of classroom time, while conceding the government shares responsibility for having turned tests into the be-all-and-end-all of American schools. But I also stated that we cannot address our girls’ education crisis till we address broader cultural beliefs and practices that are damaging to females and girls — beliefs and practices that as well often silence their voices, disregard their intelligence, and limit their dreams. I urged them to push for much more investments in girls’ education and to challenge beliefs and policies that are dangerous and unfair to girls. I find it challenging to accept that our education technique in inferior to the rest of the world.

I want you to go to and see how you can get involved in supporting girls’ education projects across the globe. Duncan leaves the administration as the longest-serving education secretary in U.S. history, Obama mentioned. Obama brought Duncan with him to Washington from Chicago, where he served as the city’s schools chief. Duncan’s departure implies Agriculture secretary Tom Vilsack will be the sole remaining Cabinet-level secretary who has been with Obama given that 2009. Obama’s Workplace of Management and Spending budget Director Shaun Donovan started in 2009 as his Housing and Urban Improvement secretary.

In the early days of the administration, Duncan and Obama usually played pickup basketball on the weekends in Washington — Duncan is among the group of close Obama confidantes who participated in the President’s Election Day pickup game in 2012 — even though Obama’s days on the court have waned in favor of days on the golf course. As education secretary, Duncan pushed reforms to improve the good quality of education, like advocating for the controversial Common Core requirements. Regardless of their husbands’ political differences, Bush was joined by Michelle Obama Tuesday morning by means of video conference to go over the importance of women’s education and women’s rights.

Punahou is also noted for its potent sports teams, and Barack Obama was a member of the state championship basketball group his senior year. Athletically, Punahou is running ahead of virtually all other high schools in the nation, and Barry Obama was an active portion of that tradition. Mr Obama also reported feeling diverse and left out , due to his unusual background and race, which may possibly also have contributed to his turn towards the relief of illegal drugs. What is most exciting is that this write-up makes Obama and Romney appear much more alike then different.

Barack Obama Sr, even though tragically flawed , was himself a brilliant man, and was accepted into Harvard University, exactly where his son Barack Hussein Obama Jr followed in his footsteps. Surely both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama had elite education from their early days, and each are really wealthy now. I as well could go on forever on this subject simply because I care so much about the education of our youngsters.