Not For The Lazy Or Faint Hearted

I discovered today’s education news, from the Homes of Parliament, London, rather unsettling and shocking. Consider the instance of the Foreign Educational Institutions Bill, which aims to provide a regulatory framework for foreign institutions interested in offering education in India. Speculation on its prospective effects on the larger education landscape have ranged from scenarios of Ivy League institutions queuing to start branch campuses in India to the utter collapse of Indian greater education driven by profit-seeking foreign institutions.

A lot requirements to be accomplished by Indian institutions and regulators to restore transparency, coherence and confidence in the higher education system both at residence and abroad. Provided that the future of the nation is dependent on human resource improvement, it is high time that larger education reforms at institutional and policy level started moving from very good intentions to action. Two days later I mailed a letter to Butts County DFCS, stating that I would contact them each other day till I received some response to my correspondence.

As soon as upon a time I only needed 1 supply of employment, completing in-house substance abuse assessments on a contract basis for Fulton County Department of Loved ones & Children’s Solutions (DFCS), through an Assessment & Counseling contract Service. I identified complete time employment given that writing this post, and discovered my present job by means of computer, where most jobs are discovered these days.

My earnings level dropped drastically almost overnight to under poverty level when the then republican governor of Georgia reduce the Substance Abuse Remedy services budget by 24 % all through the state. As meals stamp applicants, we have not all been unemployed, unmotivated, or drug addicted, and many of us have worked complete time, or component time on two or a lot more minimum wage jobs.

Several of us would prefer to be working on jobs that enabled us to spend the larger taxes every person else is complaining about, and drop the food stamp option, altogether. I am over 55 years of age – and it has turn into apparent that employers want to employ youngster for any jobs out there (not that there are many jobs offered). My current employer has a list of men and women we can’t work for in addition to them – due to compete clauses – and even is angry if employees apply for jobs with competitors. The caseworker has named me names and has accused me of becoming lazy – says there are jobs everywhere.