New York City Division Of Education Neighborhood Schools Policy

I asked a friend, Helen Health club, a parent activist in Philadelphia, what she knew of Tomas Hanna, the new head of Innovation” for DOE, which to the educrats at Tweed, regrettably, signifies on-line studying. Humpty Dumpty reformers say education reform and standardized testing is a civil rights concern although threatening to punish civil disobedient kids and parents who opt out of standardized tests and placing gag orders on students and teachers to restrict and avoid them from discussing the poorly developed and written tests. John King did far more destruction to the New York State education technique than any sitting commissioner I have recognized in my tenure as an educator in New York State.

Humpty Dumpty reformers claim the lack of academic progress and poor overall performance of understanding disabled students on grade level standardized tests without accommodations is proof these students are getting a substandard education and they are not being tested adequate. Yet another example, of putting the most vulnerable kids with the least certified pros in the system.

Additionally, the social and economic disadvantages that create these gaps need to be addressed straight and eliminated through social and economic policies, not just education policies (Morsy and Rothstein 2015 Putman 2015 Rothstein 2004). Currently, the group consists of parents zoned for P.S. 196 and P.S. 144 in Forest Hills, P.S. eight in Brooklyn Heights, P.S. 78 in Lengthy Island City and P.S. 199 on the Upper West Side, parents mentioned. John King’s tenure in New York was one particular of controversy and with an established agenda of dismantling public education by making use of corporate education reform techniques.

We are advocating for both short- and long-term solutions to address overcrowding within New York City public schools,” said M.C. Sweeney of Forest Hills, a mother of two whose youngsters are zoned for P.S. 196. Problems began prior to Wood’s dismissal, says Nelson Mar, senior employees lawyer and education law specialist at Legal Solutions NYC-Bronx , a civil legal service for low revenue individuals.

Because last spring, I have served on a CPAC committee consulting with DOE on their Tripod student survey, which was given on a trial basis in 134 schools in grades three-12 last year, soon after Commissioner King had assigned it to the city to be used for the Advance teacher evaluation program. These new officials told us that it was too late to put out an RFP for an option survey, and that the Tripod would be given to all ALL students in grades 3-12 in ALL NYC public schools this spring, except for 58 schools in which students are going to be asked to take 1 of 3 alternative surveys this December and January.