New Evaluation Program Overlooks College Counselors

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) requests that you total the 2014-15 Nonpublic School Membership Report (NSMR) and Personnel Report (NSPR) as outlined in this memorandum The memorandum includes distinct data on accessing the on-line reporting systems. Considering that 1988, ReLeaf Michigan has worked with 350 community groups to plant 28,000 trees and provided presentations and information on tree care to the public. ReLeaf Michigan is a state wide non-profit tree organization that has been functioning with community groups throughout the state for the past 25 years to plant trees on public property. ReLeaf Michigan Board member David L. Roberts, PH.D. won the 2013 Skilled Services Award for outstanding services and contributions to the arboriculture and the urban forestry profession. Saying we need to have to cease is the same as saying our children don’t require education.

The City of Ypsilanti received ASM’s Michigan Urban Neighborhood and Forestry Council’s Governmental Award for a local unit of government for considerable advances in its urban forestry program in the last year. ASM’s mission is to advance the development of arboriculture and urban forestry professionals even though advertising strong ethics and higher standards of practice. ReLeaf Michigan announced that it is extending the deadline for its tree and shrub fundraiser to Monday, April 16th!

But very first, winners of the Huge Tree Hunt are forwarded to the Michigan Botanical Club Champion Tree Coordinator for the State of Michigan for further review and achievable inclusion in the State Champion Tree List. Contest forms can be downloaded from – or obtained by contacting ReLeaf Michigan at 1-800-642-7353 or emailing [email protected] Deadline for entries is August 1, 2012.

The Michigan Big Tree Hunt Contest is sponsored by ReLeaf Michigan, Michigan Botanical Foundation, Michigan Botanical Club, Customers Power Foundation, Hanes Fund, Lapham Associates, Arboriculture Society of Michigan, DTE Power Foundation and the Michigan Division of All-natural Resources – Urban and Neighborhood Forestry. For more than two decades, ReLeaf Michigan, a non-profit tree education and planting organization, has meticulously selected hardy, bare-root trees and sold them to the public for reasonable rates. Our present method does need to have to be revamped though to address the current abuses.

ReLeaf Michigan is a state wide non-profit tree organization that has been functioning with community groups throughout the state for the previous 23 years to plant trees on public property. Our mission is to promote Healthy Trees, Healthier Communities” by educating property owners on the benefits of trees and the need to appropriately pick, plant and preserve them,” says Melinda Jones, Executive Director of ReLeaf Michigan. The department of social solutions has a way of excluding a single person off of advantages.