SPXFCU is pleased to provide you added sources to assist with college tuition. If you are brief of contact hours or do not have any make contact with hours at all, verify out PMPrepcast. It is an audio CD course that is 35 hours extended and has relevant project management coaching. BTW, I suspect PMPrepcast will come up with a new and updated course primarily based on PMBOK 4th edition (my guess is just before May 2009) that you can buy and study for your contact hours.

PMPrepcast is based on PMBOK most current edition and you will be capable to test the waters before actually commiting to get the PMP certification in addition to getting the 35 speak to hours of formal education. An applicant for the PMP exam calls for 35 Contact Hours to be eligible for the exam. You will have to report a minimum of 35 get in touch with hours when you apply for the PMP exam. Yes, you can use the current PMPrepcast for receiving the 35 contact hours even for the exam primarily based on PMBOK fourth edition.

Will the PM- PREPCAST qualify for the the Associate PM certificate as it need a BA and the 35 make contact with hours of formal project management education. I have completed my make contact with hours in March 2013 but now the exam is changing and my get in touch with hours are connected to PMP4. Our present educational method is a disaster that has stifled creativity and hampered the emergence of excellence” (vanguard newspaper Monday, Feb 6, 2006, Vol. With these ugly trends in our educational technique, I perceive an impending danger that by 2030, Nigeria will be filled with a massive quantity of Learned illiterates” i.e. illiterates with educational certificates.

In the past recently concluded Oyo State Police command recruitment, Olabisi Okuwobi, one of the five males screening panel sadly narrates her experiences thus, …with the presentation of their school certificates, with many having credit in English language…. I also congratulate the State Government that are generating serious and sensible move towards solving the educational difficulties by returning to their original owners, the Church/Missionaries. Actual prices and terms are in the complete discretion of the monetary institution and are subject to your credit rating and other variables.

Therefore, I urge the education stakeholders under the umbrella of the Academic Employees Union of Universities (ASUU) in coalition with The Nigerian Union of Teachers (UNT) to see their occupation to be far more of a vocation for the service of God in humanity. I strongly believe that faithful adherence to these recommended solutions will undoubtedly create excellent constructive adjustments in the present dilapidated Nigeria educational sector. Please make contact with Whatcom Educational Credit Union directly with any queries regarding their current prices and terms.