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When most of us envision a profession in nursing, we see ourselves caring for sufferers in hospital wards, physicians’ offices or healthcare clinics. Your teachers seem just like me. It is only organic that we develop a bond with our learners when we have them in our class for a entire academic year but we require to workout wisdom with the opposite sex. One factor to remember is that teachers are in the position of authority and that initiating the hug is various than the student initiating the hug. As a high school student, I want that my school and individual teachers would just be frank and clear about their policies and feelings regarding teacher/student contact appropriate off the bat.

Possibly that would be an awkward way to begin the year but I know that today’s teens are for the most element quite huggy, I mean we’re often all over every other 🙂 and I consider a lot of us would like to know if it would be ok to give teachers hugs. I am an extremely huggy person and if I could far better gauge how my teachers feel about it then there are some whom I would certainly want to give a hug. Hope you enjoy school and most of all, I hope you have teachers who actually care for you.

Ive always been a quite huggy person and id often hug my elementary school teachers although in college. But now i feel like i do it a lot more so on the last day if college or following ive had them like the year ahead of or my teachers this year if i give them anything for christmas etc. Anybody who attempted to tell me that I could not hug any of my teachers would soon learn that a glare can certainly make you want to die. Also, what you share will encourage other individuals to have far more confidence in their Teachers.

I am a senior in higher school and I should say, I would be so devastated if there was ever some policy imposed that did not allow hugging. There are some teachers at my college, not necessarily my teachers but teachers nonetheless that I am really close with, and they just give the best hugs. I agree Schools ought to be areas where pupils are cared for and a friendly environment but society has changed and I don’t blame some Teachers. This is a timely hub and teachers are not cost-free any longer to give concern to their students.

Nonetheless, I hope they comply with their heart and reach out to these who are finding it challenging in class, or who have personal challenges and nevertheless have to face school. I have fond memories of teachers who cared for me, and did not mind providing me a hub when they felt I required a hub. I think that teachers should be permitted to hug students sometimes, but occasionally even the most innocent action is twisted. Teachers play an critical part of a students life and a simple hug should not be misconstrued.