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On Saturday, July 25 the personnel of Educational and Quest met for the initial time at Topeka’s Boys and Girls Club. Update: CU Today is reporting that the National Credit Union Administration issued a statement saying that credit union exposure to these Puerto Rican bonds is minimal and do not pose a material threat to the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund. Officers had been reviewing surveillance video shortly before noon inside the credit union, whose doors had been locked.

In an op ed appearing in The Hill , the president and CEO of the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), Jim Nussle, defended the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) as a prudent regulator. The Fourth Corner Credit Union (TFCCU), a Colorado credit union chartered to serve the cannabis business, on July 30 sued the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) in U.S. District Court in Denver for not approving its application for federal deposit (share) insurance. He is a leading specialist on credit unions and the National Credit Union Administration. The statutory definitions establish many limitations on what loans are considered certified educational loans.

The content material is offered for educational purposes only, with the understanding that neither the authors, contributors, nor the publishers of this web site are engaged in rendering legal, accounting or other specialist or specialist solutions. An educational benefit overpayment” is an overpayment from a program such as the GI Bill below which where students acquire periodic payments whilst they are enrolled in college, but if the students receive payments after they have left the school, that is an educational benefit overpayment.

See Chopra, Student Loan Debt Swells, Federal Loans Now Leading a Trillion, Customer Economic Protection Bureau, (July 17, 2013) accessed at -debt-swells-federal-loans-now-prime-a-trillion This number is higher than the quantity owed on either credit cards or auto loans and is second only to the amount owed on mortgage loans. See Hauser, Student Loan Debt in Bankruptcy, State Bar of Texas Advanced Consumer Bankruptcy Course (February 20-21, 2014). An educational benefit overpayment produced, assured or insured by a governmental unit or a nonprofit is the least complicated exception to realize.

Thus, an educational loan will be non-dischargeable (in the absence of a locating of undue hardship) as long as it is either made, insured or assured by a governmental unit or nonprofit organization or if it is a qualified education loan below Section 221(d)(1) of the Internal Income Code. This subsection has three primary elements: 1) a loan, 2) for educational purposes three) that a governmental or nonprofit tends to make, insures or guarantees. The educational element refers to the intent of the parties when the loan was created rather than how the funds had been in fact employed.