Michelle Obama Requires Girls’ Education Fight To Qatar, Urges Modify In Attitudes Towards Girls

Although it does tiny very good to merely gripe about negative policies and squandered possibilities for reform, setting the record straight is critical. I know you do not want a valid assessment but if you do you want to asses your Obama numbers from the point exactly where his policies kicked in and had time to kick in, about six months into the presidency, then you need to have to appear at trends, if you take over a country losing jobs at the highest price because the depression and you minimize that loss then than in itself is a good results.

You can hold Obama and any other president accountable for the first six month if you want but it is pointless, a president has no way of influencing issues till his policies start off taking effect, if things get greater ahead of his policies can take impact the credit really belongs to the previous president, fundamentally the President is accountable for his actions and their results… not what takes place just before that.

As you properly state, this proposal will in no way be put into effect, which Obama nicely knows, but it just might give him with sufficient political capital and cover to convince reluctant Democrats to give him fast-track authority for passing the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade agreement that will additional empower his corporate patrons and further decrease the energy of neighborhood laws and regulations that defend shoppers, labor and the environment.

The 3 most trumpeted and simultaneously most destructive elements of the united school reform” agenda are these: turning more than public assets and spaces to private management dismantling and opposing any independent, collective voice of teachers and reducing education to a single narrow metric that claims to recognize an educated individual by way of a test score.

Race to the Best is but 1 example of incentivizing bad behavior and backward ideas about education, as the Secretary of Education starts to look and act like a program officer for some charity rather than the leading educator for all youngsters: It really is one state against another, this college against that 1, and my second grade in fierce competition with the second grade across the hall.