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How To Be An Effective Bible Teacher If you want to learn the Bible, you should know the secret. Any Bible teachers and preachers use this secret in their in-depth Bible lessons. Getting to know God on a more personal level is one benefit of this secret. What is this secret? It is…study. This was counseled by Timothy in his book 1 Timothy 2:15 when he said, “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth”, and you can check it out for yourself. To teach the Bible, you must first learn of its truths and principles. You need to look beyond the words. You should know how to dig deep beyond the passages and learn of the truths presented in the pages. Learning the Bible needs consistent efforts. Just as sportsmen practice consistently on a daily basis, so should a gospel seeker do. All effective Bible teachers have done so, and if you want to be good at it, you must do the same. The teacher plays a huge part in the success of a Bible class. No matter how modern your teaching aids and facilities are, a good teacher is more important. However, teachers do not get good overnight, they must go through the training process. No matter what you think your level is, you can always be a better teacher. You have a serious responsibility. What is stake is the souls of people so teachers must do their best to help others who wanted to know the truth. To be able to develop and practice in our lives the qualities of a good teacher, we must be able to recognize them first. How can be a better Bible teacher?
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The Bible teacher is a guide, helping students see the way and getting them on the right path. To be effective, a teacher must learn how to come up with activities that will allow students to learn of truths in a creative manner. It is also the teacher’s duty to remind students when they are doing acts that might lead them off the right track and get them back on track. The growth of students’ is the main priority of a good teacher. Creating a classroom that allows optimum learning for student’s growth is a duty of teachers. You must always remember that teachers are “co-laborers with God”. When you are in the classroom, you should remember and acknowledge your dependence upon God. As a Bible teacher, your focus should be on Jesus Christ, his teaching and truths from the Bible. A Bible teacher is also responsible for helping students attain Christlike love for others as well as attributes. Students may understand the Bible verses differently, so Bible teachers must learn to help students focus on the core principle and remember that it will always revolve about Christian discipleship. To conclude, studying and teaching always work together. Learning occurs when students are prepared to understand, and teachers can help facilitate the process. While teaching you dedicate yourself to studying the Bible, then are most able to assist your students to do so as well.