Leaders Among Plastic Injection Molding Companies

Businesses turn to plastic injection molding companies to create specialized parts for their products. Finding an excellent partner in this endeavor is crucial to success. The right one should produce items of high quality and complete orders in a timely fashion. Other things to look for in a plastic injection molding company include:

A Wide Range of Materials

Different applications call for different types of plastic. Some may need to be soft and pliable while others need to be hard and touch. Certain materials have more suitable characteristics for a desired outcome than the rest. PRE is able to use nearly all types of thermoplastic resins for its projects. Client will have no problem requesting any kind of material they wish to employ whether it is polyethylene, polypropylene, PET, polycarbonate, styrene, ABS, TPEs, TPUs, and many more.  

Custom Formulations for Special Needs

In the odd case that existing materials are inadequate for the purpose, the company can use it connections with additive suppliers to create the ideal resin. Clients will only have to specify the characteristics they wish to see out of the material in order for it to get produced. This is a good route to take if a manufacturer would like to differentiate its offerings from competitors.   

A Great Variety of Possible Product Sizes 

PRE has machines that span from 50 to 610 tons. This impressive variety allows the company to produce parts of different sizes from the very small to the very large. Shot size capacity can reach up to 107 ounces. This allows clients to request for a wide diversity of moldings. What’s more, processes such as chemical bonding, insert molding, and over-molding can also be used to reduce costs by making secondary operations unnecessary. Find out more information on finding a quality plastic injection molding company at http://preplastics.com/