Keith Leggett’s Credit Union Watch

Topeka police released this surveillance photo of the man who robbed the Educational Credit Union office on S. Topeka Blvd. Your driver’s license is your main photo ID. Your social security card and number are the proof you have that you are in this country legally and can get pleasure from the benefits that the nation has to offer you, i.e. receiving a job, being treated in hospital, securing a location in college for your kids, if you came with some (even if they are not required to have Social Safety Cards to be in college), renting a home, opening a bank account and so on.

One advantage of employing checks and debit or credit cards to pay for purchases is that these automatically offer records of a person’s spending (this can also be carried out with cash either by maintaining receipts for almost everything or keeping a journal of expenses) which can be employed when a person’s financial life becomes a lot more complicated and a far more formal budgeting approach is needed.

Overall health Care Reform, Educational Funding, Oil Dependence, Unemployment, Homelessness, Teen Suicide, Drug Use, Handle of the Media, Obesity, National Debt, Corporatism, Campaign Finance, Business Regulation, Government Subsidies, Price of Greater Education, Military Spending, International Relations, Immigration, and Poverty… these are just a few.

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